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New Trends in Online Bingo Gaming 2017

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bingo sites uk

Online bingo sites give everyone the chance to place a wager wherever and whenever they like. The great online bingo rush may be over but there’s plenty of room for more online gaming entertainment. With so many options, the pressure is on bingo operators and software companies to offer something extra if they want to stand out in a competitive market.

Will the online gaming market slow down?

The online bingo market is growing and it seems a safe bet that it will continue to do so. Only the best bingo sites will make a stand and provide an innovative, exciting and user-friendly gaming platform. One area where we could see attempts at innovation is in live bingo play. Games such as live roulette and live blackjack have not proven as popular as bingo sites had hoped, opening up the possibility for top brands to try to get ahead.

Bonuses and promotions will get bigger and better

In a market this demanding, bingo sites have to do what they can to attract players and rewarding bonuses seems to be the lifeblood of bingo sites. Every day people are looking for new forms of entertainment online, and many will pick a bingo based on the bonus they get upon signup. Online bingo sites will keep getting creative with their deposit bonuses and get more in-your-face with their promotions.

Gambling on video games will grow

E-sports and fantasy sports are rivaling traditional forms of entertainment in today’s gaming world. Players can’t get enough of gaming on the result of virtual games with e-gamers becoming the new sporting heroes. Technology has taken gaming to new levels, and it won’t slow down in 2017. We are going to continue to see industrial improvements to virtual games and their popularity is likely to grow with it.

Gaming on your smart watch

This concept has been around for a year or so, but it is yet to take off. Big gaming software developers are now rolling out new gaming and betting apps for smart watches. This has the potential to boom and become a whole new market, paving the way for new games and functionality and taking mobile gaming to a new level!

Lots more slots

Online slots are the new go-to bingo game, with huge jackpots that can be won on just a spin. There have been some big winners in the last year, many making headlines and generating hype around these huge-paying slots. Game developers continue to get creative and produce exiting games with new twists, better HD graphics, innovative structures and improved interactivity. We can expect some our favorite movies to make their way to our screen in slot form too.

Only the strong will stay

A lot has happened in the last year but the online bingo industry is showing no signs of slowing down. New gaming legislation has made it more challenging for bingo sites UK operators to gain licenses. This means that low standard bingo sites will struggle to pay for licensing, making it hard for them to compete with the best. Only the strong will survive in 2017!

The teams are obsessive about best bingo sites, and we test every site to within an inch of its life to bring you recommendations that we stand by. If you’re looking for a new place to play in 2017, look no further than our handy bingo comparison tool. Good luck!

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